Vancouver, Bc, Farm to Table Award

Les Dames Host:Lee Murphy, Visa D'oro Farms

The Preservatory @ Vista D'oro invites you to immerse yourself in the delicious world of Specialty/Fine/Artisanal Food Production. The Preservatory at Vista D'oro Farms creates artisanal preserves using traditional cooking methods combined with distinctive flavour pairings. The preserves are produced on the farm in the Preservatory building, using 'at their peak' in-season fruits, much of which is grown on our ten-acre farm in South Langley, BC Canada, 45 minutes south of Vancouver.

We grow naturally, and while not a certified organic farm, it is quite a diversified farm. Currently we grow five varieties of grapes, orchard fruits, apples, pears, plums and cherries, all of which are heritage varieties and grown for taste, not ship-ability. The nuts from our century old walnut trees go into some of our most famous products. We produce everything on the farm and about 80% of what is grown ends up in a jar or bottle, the rest gets delivered to Vancouver's finest restaurant kitchens!

Our celebrated preserves have been making their way around the world including the famous food halls of Harrods in London, a chain of specialty shops in Spain and most recently Dubai.

You'll spend four nights on the farm where you'll join Lee and her crew testing, tasting and lots of production. Depending on what time of year you join us, August/September would be ideal, there may be harvesting, visiting other farms and of course wine tasting. Experience agritourism first hand by working in the popular Farmgate Shop & Tasting Room where offerings from the farm, the Preservatory, winery and other local producers are showcased.
You will then move into the city for two nights to a Dames hotel so you can connect with other BC members, our chapter is full of talented women in the Specialty food industry. There will be tour(s) arranged of other facilities and introductions to other Dames who are involved in this exciting sector so you can learn about development, production, packaging, sales and distribution from the best.

We look forward to sharing our love of delicious food, excellent wine and business acumen with you!

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