Washington, Dc, Culinary/Farm to table

Les Dames Host: Nora Pouillon, Restaurant Nora

Dame Nora invites you to an inspiring week of pilgrimage to the US's first Organic restaurant, located in the Dupont Circle area of the capital. Nora's role as Godmother of the organic food movement has brought her and her restaurant much acclaim and glowing reviews, most recently named a Winner of OpenTable's Diner's Choice 2015 Award. She is also a James Beard nominated cookbook author, her most recent book was published last year.My Organic Life: How A Pioneering Chef Changed the Way We Eat Today

The details: After arriving Sunday evening or Monday morning and settling in at Nora's house, the winner will work Monday through Thursday in the kitchen at Restaurant Nora on all different stations. You'll travel at the end of the week to one of Nora's organic farms, assisting on the farm on Friday and Saturday. Then you'll return to Washington on Sunday morning, working at the Dupont Circle FRESHFARM Market (which Nora helped start) until closing, around 1pm.

Restaurant Nora opens at 5.30pm for dinner only, although we sometimes have daytime special events. The pastry chef arrives at 8am. The butcher arrives at 12pm, the sous chefs and Nora come in at 12:30pm to create the menu daily, and the other cooks arrive at 2pm.

You'll be working in the kitchen, on the farm, and might even accompany Nora to a workout class or on a hike. Your clothing needs will be diverse

For the kitchen, you only need a hat, proper shoes and pants. We have extra jackets at the restaurant if you'd prefer to pack light, or if you bring your own, there is an in-house laundry service. Same goes for your knives: if it's easy for you to bring them, feel free to do so. Otherwise, we have knives you can use. As for pants, just wear whatever is comfortable

For the farm, you'll want to bring a hat, sunscreen, and clothing/shoes that you don't mind getting dirty. And just in case you end up going to an exercise class with Nora, make sure you pack sneakers and workout wear.

Dame Nora is a celebrated mentor and wishes to inspire in others her culinary philosophy and passion for the health of the world's landscape and hopes to show you how amazingly delicious food takes part in that.

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